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The activities of the Barigozzi Bros. Company is widely documented by papery archives, containing master books, invoices, letters, foundry diaries and memories, punctually held by owners of the society, especially by Ermanno Secondo Barigozzi (1843-1909). He used to register attentively all particular events of the day, leaving us several interesting observations on the fusion techniques. Through this papery documentation, actually in the reordering process, we can recreate the relationships of the foundry with the priests and communities for whom the bells where created, with sculptors who entrusted Barigozzis the fusion of their creations, and with other bell foundries with which the Barigozzi foundry had contacts during their long lasting activities.

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Premio conferito nel 1837 ai fratelli Barigozzi
dall'Istituto Lombardo di scienze, lettere ed arti di Milano